Some enlightening information about the name Lucien | Lucius

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Meaning | Light

Pronunciation | Latin LU-kius, English LU-shusor LU-see-us, Italian LOO-shuss

Region of origin | Ancient Rome 

Lucius derives from latin word Lux, meaning « light » ( "brightness", Latin verb lucere "to shine") Another etymology proposed is a derivation from Etruscan Lauchum (or Lauchme) meaning « king« , which however was transferred into Latin as Lucumo.

Lucius was originally given to children who were born at dawn

Lucius is an English masculine given name and a rare German and Dutch surname. Lucius has been translated into ItalianSpanish and Portuguese, as Lucio. Derived from the related patronymic Lucianus is Luciano in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and Lucien in French.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca: 

Some enlightening information about the name Guignard


Guignard Name Meaning | nickname from Old French guingnart ‘someone who winks’.

The surname Guignard was first found in Brittany, anciently known as Armorica – historic region of the Northern France – where bearers of the Guignard surname have been a prominent family for centuries, and held a family seat with lands and manor. The seal of Guignard with its three chevrons is on record since 1340, when they were « Seigneurs » of Chalonge, de Kernisaël. Bearers of this name were also well established in the region of Dol, where several of the family members distinguished themselves.